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I'm Passionate About Teaching Math with an Abacus!

Hi! I'm Miss Lynette. I have been teaching abacus for about two decades. I have three boys and they all have gone through the abacus curriculum.

As a result, they gained strong number sense, and it also helped alleviate their math fear, which improved their confidence all around.

My mission is to make math fun, engaging, and accessible to everyone because this was not available when I was young child learning math.

Now, I get to teach YOUR child online! I can't wait!!

This workbook is an excellent compliment to our 12-lesson online video course, which includes visual instructions, worksheet walk throughs, online support, and a live video support/tutoring session, all for a nominal monthly fee.

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Need an abacus?

The abacus has been used for centuries and utilized as a mathematics power tool that will help eliminate math anxiety.